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Increased fines and speeds could be coming to Ontario highways; Canola farmers get increased interest free loans

Ontario wants faster speeds on 400 series highways

Drivers who think speeds should increase on 400 series highways may get their wish. Ontario’s Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek said the government has heard complaints from commuters that the current 100 kilometres an hour is outdated and needs to be reviewed. He also wants harsher fines for those driving too slow in the passing lanes.

Out of Ontario travellers will need additional health insurance

Ontario is going ahead with its plan to cut out of province OHIP coverage. The provincial government said it costs almost $3 million to administer roughly $9 million in claim payments. The decision to eliminate the program came after a six-day consultation. The change will come into effect on October 1.

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Monetary relief officially announced to combat China canola ban

Canada is increasing interest-free loans for Canola farmers. It is in an effort to combat losses suffered due to China’s decision to ban the Canadian product. Loan limits will increase from $400,000 to $1 million with up to $500,000 thousand to be interest-free. Farmers are reportedly praising the decision.

No military uprising in Venezuela

What was promised to be the biggest march in Venezuelan history didn’t turn out as planned. While thousands took to the streets in support of the country’s opposition leader, his call for military uprising wasn’t answered. Security forces instead broke the crowds up with tear gas in support of the current president.

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