If you don’t lock it then you risk losing it.

The OPP says that in warmer weather, car owners tend to leave their windows down when they park in public which is an open invitation for thieves.

This comes after the OPP conducted checks last Sunday. They checked 152 vehicles in Petawawa and 6 were found to be unlocked and insecure. One of them was even found unlocked, unattended with the engine running.

Upper Ottawa Valley OPP Constable Shawn Peever says that they want to prevent residents from being victimized.

“It’s an open invitation to thieves, we rarely see windows broken on cars, they don’t want to create noise and be noticed, so if your car is locked, in most cases they will move on to the next one” he says.

After two trucks were stolen this week in Pembroke, when the owners left the keys in the trucks, Peever says you have to remember three steps. First, roll up your windows, then lock your doors, and pocket the keys.

He also advises vehicle owners to never leave their registration and other important documentation in the vehicle because identity theft could be what certain thieves are looking for. “When the thieves are in, they could steal your documentation and cards that contain personal information which they can then get loans and credit cars under your name which can create a headache”. As he says, it’s a headache that can be prevented.