We might’ve finally seen our last snowfall.

Senior Climatologist for Environment Canada, David Phillips, says that historically, April has always given us wild weather. He says that he’s seen temperatures go as high as 30 degrees and as low as -15 degrees.

The good news is that, according to him, yesterdays snowfall will finally be the last one. “I’ve noticed that there’s a big difference between the first half of April and the last half, and at this point, we’re on the upswing” he says.

Phillips says that this time of year, it’s psychological and states that after a long cold winter, people think they are owed nice weather, but for Mother Nature, it’s business as usual. “This is what April is all about, it’s rarely one season, sometimes it’s four seasons all occurring in one day.” he says.

A factor that might’ve caused today’s snowfall is the Texas storm that hit our Southern friends hard, and when it arrived in Ontario the precipitation got caught in cool air which turned into Snow Phillips says. Alas, he is truly confident when he says that we should be done with it and adds that he always says we shouldn’t shovel snow in April because the mother nature will take care of it for us.