The spring thaw may bring some surprises for riders.

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says that as the snowmobile season comes to an end, riders are now taking out their ATVs, quads and other recreational vehicles.

He says that riders have to be careful because the winter season may have caused trail conditions to change and he wants everyone to be aware. “The trails you think you know might have changed and you might be caught by surprise” he says. Schmidt says that often times, trees, branches, rocks and other kinds of debris may be in their way at the beginning of the new season.

“Trails are muddy and slick and some of them are very narrow and speed is your enemy”. He says that recreational sports are meant to be fun and when people are having fun, they tend to let their guards down which can be dangerous. “It’s common sense, if you’re a thrill seeker, be prepared to rescue yourself, or don’t do it” he says.

Schmidt states that tragically, 13 people lost their lives on snowmobile trails this season, which is 13 too many.