Beverly Hudder is still doing the happy dance.

That’s because the Wilno resident recently won $100 000 with a scratch ticket.

Hudder, who says she bought the Instant Crossword Tripler on a whim, was at home when she started scratching and realized that she might win big. She says she started getting a couple of words and let her husband and son know that she might be on to something. The men, who were watching sports on television didn’t acknowledge her. She then continued scratching and told them again. She says it wasn’t till the very end that they came over where her son then checked the ticket on an app and saw the good news. She says that she then started doing the happy dance. When asked how long she danced for, the big winner said she’s still dancing.

Hudder says that she doesn’t plan on going wild with the funds. Adding that the money will be used to buy a new vehicle and the rest will be saved for retirement.

The $5 ticket was bought at Sherwood Convenience on Highway 60 in Barry’s Bay.