Wouldn’t we all like to add years to our pet’s life?

Well, March is Fix Your Pet Month and experts are informing you on why it’s important to spay and neuter your furry best friend.

Dr. Ann Burkart of the Algonquin East Animal Clinic in Barry’s Bay says that spaying and neutering your pet can have long lasting benefits on your pet’s health. She says that on top of reducing the population of homeless pets, the procedure could add 1-3 years to your dog’s life and 3-5 years to your cat’s life. She says that this comes from a combination of factors which includes reducing the chances of getting certain cancers. Dr. Burkart states that if you don’t spay female dogs, their chances of getting uterine and mammary tumours increase by 40 to 50 percent. In terms of male dogs, she says that 50 percent of them may have issues in regards to their prostates (not necessarily cancer) and may cause them to have difficulty urinating if they are not fixed.

Dr. Burkart says studies have shown that the negative risks connected to the anesthetics of the operation are less than one percent. She says that a study was conducted in the United Kingdom that included a sample size of 80 000 animals which showed that less than 1 percent ended up having issues relating to the procedure.

In terms of cats, Dr. Burkart says that the procedure is the way to go. She adds that 80 percent of male cats spray urine within the first 6-9 months of their lives and adds that their body odour can get quite repulsive, if not fixed.

When it comes to dogs, she says that fixing your dog will also show behavioural improvements  including reducing the risks of dog bites and aggressive behaviour.

If you have any questions on the procedure, don’t be shy to call the Algonquin East Animal Clinic in Barry’s Bay. If you are looking to adopt, even though they are not an animal shelter, they can put you in contact with shelters that will be ecstatic to match you with a furry friend. For contact information, click here.