You won’t be wearing your flip flops anytime soon.

That’s the message from Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Peter Kimbell.

He says that January was very cold, February was normal and that so far March has brought us a lot of cold temperatures, which was to be expected. He says that March weather is always expected to vary because the sun is getting warmer and we’re getting closer to spring. One thing he does say is that spring is not rushing into Ontario this year.

“Weather is always variable, we’re going through a cold spell now but snow will change to rain on Sunday and we’ll get a warm spell then we’ll be back to below zero again and that’s how weather operates” Kimbell says.

As for predicting future forecasts, Kimbell says that realistically, Environment Canada is pretty accurate with their forecasts when it’s within a week but once you pass that time frame, their accuracy goes down remarkably.

In terms of records, he says the maximum temperature recorded in March (between 1970 and 2000) was on March 30th in 1980 where the temperature was 22 degrees. In terms of the coldest day, it was recorded on March 1st of 1977 where it was -32 degrees.