Next week’s March break in Madawaska Valley just got a whole lot funnier.

That’s because professional stunt ventriloquist, Tim Holland is bringing his brand of comedy to the Valley.

Holland who’s been at it for 19 years says that his show includes a mix of stand-up comedy, circus tricks and ventriloquism. He says that his physical comedy and intellectual jokes will entertain the older crowd while his circus tricks (juggling and unicycle) and ventriloquism will give the young ones a laugh. Holland says that it’s an interactive show that has him bounce off the audience. Overall, he says he has 5-6 different characters and brings out a unicycle for the big finale.

“A ventriloquism show is such a rare thing to see, live theatre is a unique experience and it’ll be fun to laugh with the community” Holland says. Although he started to perform ventriloquism in 2000, he was also a street performer four years prior to that. He notes that his influences range from David Strassman, Ronn Lucas, Jeff Dunham to Jim Carey and even Robin Williams.

The show, put on by the Township of Madawaska Valley, is on Wednesday afternoon, March 13,  at 1:00 PM at the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre. Admission is $6 per person or $20 per family. For more on Tim Holland, click here.