Make steps towards improving your health by improving your nutrition.

Nutritional Anthropologist, Devorah Belinsky, says that eating and buying local is the way to go. She says the fresher your food is, the more nutritional value it will bring you.

When asked about small changes people can implement to change their habits, she advises people to visit farmers markets. “Go see if they’re raising produce in a manner you’re comfortable with” she adds.

At the end of the day, she knows that cost plays a big role in peoples food buying habits. People are willing to pay for an expensive pair of shoes but not for better food she says. In old-age, she states that it’ll cost you more for medication and other things that will keep you healthy so it’s better to invest in your health when you’re younger.

Saturday afternoon she’ll be presenting, at the Golden Lake Community Hall, on nutrition and health. She says she’ll touch on the recent changes made to Canada’s Food Guide and how it’s evolved over the years. She also says that her topic of discussions might vary depending on the audience. She welcomes people to raise any concerns towards nutrition that they may have.

The presentation is at 1:30 Saturday afternoon and admission is free.