Snowmobiles were drifting in Eganville last weekend.

Scott Clark, co-race director of the Bonnechere Cup says that their 45th annual showdown, held at Eganville’s Sno-Drifters Club, was one of the best so far. He says that this year’s attendance was higher than the last 10 years. “It gave us more motivation to do it even better next year” Clark says.

Clark does say that some of the racers they were expecting went to another snowmobile event happening in Michigan. He adds that to counter that happening again they’ve already scheduled next year’s date.

When asked about this year’s highlights, he says that their first Friday night race was amazing. They go fast in the day but at night, under the lights, they look like they go twice as fast he says. He also pointed out that the live entertainment and fireworks show was enjoyed by everyone as well.