Aero Pon Leaf Canada has purchased a building on ‘Y’ Road and Hastings Highlands’ Mayor Vic Bodnar announced that the municipality will be partnering with them to develop the property.

Bodnar says in a post on his Facebook page that they hope eventually incorporate a retail outlet and brewery within the facility.

“The economic boost to our community will have far-reaching benefits and we anticipate that the added revenue from associated industries in the area and employment opportunities for residents will be extraordinary,” Bodnar said on his Facebook page.

A public meeting will be held on February 28th to detail the purchase and the Municipality’s plan for the property. It will from 5 PM until 7 at Emond Hall in Maynooth. Representatives from Aero Pon Leaf Canada will be at the meeting.

Bodnar runs the Facebook page “Mayor’s Diary” and updates it frequently with what he and Hastings Highlands council are doing.

Written by: Mathew Reisler