When shovelling snow in the winter, we usually think of ourselves, but it’s important to keep emergency services in mind too.

Matt Musclow, the Fire Prevention and Operations Officer with the Bancroft Fire Department, says that while it’s the responsibility of the Township to clear snow away from fire hydrants, residents doing it is always appreciated. He adds that making sure your driveway is totally cleared is important as well so responders have enough room to reach your house if needed. Musclow says it’s important to clear snow away from your blue 911 number that’s at the end of your driveway as well. “That 911 number needs to be clearly visible so we have quick access to your home,” he says.

He says that it’s also vital to make sure your propane and heating vents are cleared of debris. Musclow says that’s to ensure carbon monoxide doesn’t build up and get into your home. He also reminds residents to make sure the battery in their carbon monoxide detector is changed as well.

Written by: Mathew Reisler