Fees could pile up if your pile is in the road.

The Upper Ottawa Valley OPP are reminding residents that it’s against the law to deposit snow on a roadway.

Constable Shawn Peever of the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP says that under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), you could get fined $110 for doing so, that’s not counting the potential additional fees from your own municipal bylaws. Plowing snow in the street causes an additional danger for drivers he says. Peever states that they received a lot of complaints last winter and want to make sure homeowners are respecting the law this season.

Peever adds that residents need to find a way to push snow further back in their own yards or find other room on their property. If they put it on adjacent land or on a neighbour’s property, it’s essential to have consulted with them first he says.

He says users of the road have enough snow to deal with and wants to make sure everyone remains safe.