The doors are opening at Madawaska Valley District High School (MVDHS).

Principal Dean Zadow and Grade 10 student Sophie Paget say that the school’s Open House and Grade 9 Orientation session is a great way to assist prospective students and parents before they make the big step.

“I believe that High School are the best four years of your life” says Zadow and continues “but students and parents need support”. That’s why this Wednesday night, from 6:00 to 7:00, students, parents and community members are welcomed to walk in.

Zadow says information will be given out on the school’s different academic programs, timetabling and everything else the school has to offer. Apart from academic information, he says community members are also welcomed to walk in and see the improvements the school has made in the last three years. He also encourages MVDHS alumni to join and take a trip down memory lane.

Sophie Paget, now in Grade 10, has been there and done that. She says that when she was in Grade 8, she was nervous about the transition but says that she met many teachers and friends at Orientation. She continues by saying that “it made High School seem like a loving environment”. The orientation is a bit of a stress reliever she says and encourages Grade 8’s to attend.

Zadow says that Wednesday’s event is a warm up. Once students are enrolled, the school puts on another orientation session in August where lockers are assigned and timetables are handed out. This one is to get students and parents comfortable with the upcoming change he says.

Paget concludes by stating that they’ve planned activities for students and parents in order to make the outing a fun one.

“It’s never a MVDHS without treats” Zadow says with a smile as he encourages everyone to drop in on Wednesday night.