Get ready to hear snowmobile engines roar this weekend!

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is giving you the opportunity to ride its trails for free Province-wide. Their “Try Our Trails” initiative gives riders access to 23000 kilometers of trails. Cheryl Reid, President and Governor of District 6 Snow Country Snowmobile Region says that since the weather’s been so favourable, many trails are open in larger populated areas meaning there won’t be as much traffic in town as the previous years.

She says this weekend’s activities are great for the local economy. She says that it allows snowmobilers who haven’t taken out their machines yet to get out there. She says that by discovering the beauty of our back country, out-of-towners will come back at different times of the year.

Reid says that they usually do the free weekend later in the year but the OFSC decided to do it earlier to give riders the chance rediscover the sport and buy a paid pass if they like what they see. She describes the trail conditions as “a sledder’s dream” adding that with the large base of snow that has accumulated, snowmobilers feel like they’re riding on a “cushion”. Although the conditions are great, she warns people to avoid unfamiliar water. Especially in Golden Lake. Reid advises riders to avoid taking the short cut on the river as it’s open water. She states that heavy snow pushes down on the ice making it slushy.

If you are interested in getting your free permit for February 2 and 3 (you have to print it out) click here.