You might hate the price tag if you don’t get a dog tag.

Madawaska Valley Township issued a notice advising residents to license their dogs. They say that not only is it the law, but it can help in the event that you lose your dog.

Fire Chief Corwin Quade says that if a stray dog is reported, it’s then brought to the pound in Eganville which charges $80 a day and $100 to get it out on top of the fee for the dog license. That’s a hefty price to pay on top of a potential fine the Township charges if a dog is found running around without a leash. That one goes for $250 he says.

They say that 174 dog licenses were issued last year and that the funds go towards the Township’s Animal Control Department.

Dog licenses, which are available at the Municipal Office, should be bought annually. A tag costs $10 for spayed and neutered pets (Certificate of Proof Required) or $15 for unsterilized pets before March 31st and prices increase by $5 after that date.