Madawaska Valley residents will soon see themselves on the big screen.

Matthew Campanile, writer and director of The Manhattan Project, says the movie’s almost completed. He says he’s very excited to show Madawaska Valley the final product. He says the entire movie was shot in the Valley with many scenes in Barry’s Bay. Campanile says it was important to shoot the movie in the region because he’s been coming to the area for years and when he was writing the script, he had always imagined it here. “I’ve always wanted to make a film that expresses how I felt when I came here” he says. He talks about the peace, tranquility, trees and the lakes as being some of the main characteristics that attracted him and his team. He says the Municipality and the residents have been nothing but supportive when it comes to the project.

Many locals have participated in the project too. He says they made a call to local artists which many of them had important roles on and off screen. From the region, he says about 60 people participated. He also states that the movie’s final scene, shot at the Arlington in Maynooth, had about 40-50 extras.

He says the movie, which will last 90 minutes in length, will be completed by April. Campanile and the team will then tour with the movie in film festivals around the world before bringing it here by the fall.

Campanile also adds that they’re looking for local musicians to contribute to the movie’s soundtrack. He says that every time he used to come to the Valley, he listened to Moose FM and that in many of the movie’s scenes, there’s a radio playing in the background. He mentions that anything rock, folk, bluegrass or country music could fit the film’s “mood”. To volunteer your music for the movie, contact Matthew at: