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More water, less meat suggests new Food Guide; Mental health problems rising in Ontario

Health Canada unveils new food guide, pushes for more plant-based protein

Cut down on the meat and choose water more often.
These are some of the highlights from the revamped Canadian Food Guide unveiled today. The guide has changed from its last update in 2007, cutting healthy eating categories to three: protein, whole grains and fruits and veggies. Health officials are also suggesting Canadians move to more plant-based options for protein over meat and dairy.

CAMH finds more Ontarians struggling with mental health issues

Mental health issues seem to be on the rise in Ontario.
The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health found at least one in 10 Ontarians is struggling with mental health issues. The agency also found the number of people having suicidal thoughts in Ontario nearly doubled from 2016 to 4.1 per cent last year. Health officials say adults are juggling more demands, leading to higher stress levels.

Dollarama moves online with new country-wide ordering

Dollarama is moving its products to an online marketplace.
The Canadian chain is preparing to roll out its nationwide online delivery service. However, you’ll need to buy in bulk, not everything will be for sale online, and depending on where you live it could come with a hefty delivery charge.

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