Trees are going down on Saturday.

Stanley Pecoskie, organizer of the Logger Sports Festival, says that this year’s tree cutting event will demonstrate the skills of the regions’ lumberjacks. He says that the family event won’t disappoint lumber fans. He adds that participants will be competing in a tea boil, tree felling and speed cutting activities. He also mentioned that boys and girls aged 8-12 are also invited in competing.

The event will feature logging activities but will also keep you fed. He says free hot dogs will be served as well as tea and home made bread and baloney.

As for the importance of the festival in the region, Pecoskie says that logging is still the biggest revenue builder in the County and adds that the festival keeps the County’s logging history alive. He adds that logging is usually thought to employ only tree cutters but he adds that it’s more than that as it creates jobs in lumber yards and in the transportation industry.

The event will feature MC Dai Bssett, a bon fire, a skating rink, Trapperman Gord McMillan, and snow activities. Cost of admission is $3 and it is free if you’re 14 and under. The Junior Logger competition is from 11:00 to noon. Participants are still needed in this category. The seniors logger competition starts at noon and goes till 4:00 PM (Door prizes are scheduled for 3:00 PM).

The event is this Saturday at Round Lake Recreation Park in the township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards. For more information or to register (before January 23), call Stanley Pecoskie at 613-757-2591.