Wash your hands and get your flu shot.

Those are the words from Melissa Botz, Coordinator of Communications and Erin Vereyken, Acting Coordinator of Clinical Services of the Renfrew County District Health Unit.

Vereyken says the best way you can stop spreading germs is by washing your hands. When it comes to children, she says they should do so after coming home from play, after snacks and after using the washroom. She also advises parents to teach their children to sneeze in their sleeves. She adds that parents should also clean high surface areas every day such as table tops, door knobs and light switches. Another thing she says to watch out for with dirty hands is when you make contact with any body part that can act as an entry point to your body such as your mouth, nose and eyes. If you should have the virus on your hands for example, it can enter your body by those entrances which increases your chances of getting infected.

Botz says that both adults and children should get their flu shots every year to, not only protect themselves, but to protect others. When it comes to the myth that you can get sick from getting the flu shot, she denies it. She says that when you get vaccinated, you’re injected with a killed virus, thus, it doesn’t make you sick.

They recommend contacting your local health unit for more information on how to book your flu shot and check your immunization status.