A woman in Renfrew needs help with a colony of cats who has found refuge at her home.

Donita Konyck, a coordinator at Valley Animal Rescue in Renfrew, says they need to raise funds to help the woman spay and neuter over 20 cats in the hopes of getting families to foster and adopt them.

She says that cats have kittens every six months and if they are not vetted, they keep reproducing.

She says the woman had a few cats of her own and has also had people drop off their unwanted cats at her door steps. The cost of taking care of all those cats is estimated to be over $3000 which is why she encourages people to donate or take part in some of their fundraising events. They are also looking for foster homes for a duration of 10 to 14 days for the cats to recover alone, away from the other cats.

For more information on their events and how you can donate or help, click here.