The Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre (OVWRC) has new tipping fees.

A statement released by the (OVWRC) states that as of January 1st, people who use the Pembroke Centre’s main entrance (Gate 1) to dispose of waste and recycling will see their rates increase.

The flat rate for landfill waste has gone up to $20 (minimum fee, 200 kg’s or less). General Manager of the OVWRC, Sue McCrae, points out that the flat rate had not been increased since 2009.

Construction and demolition waste and brush has increased to $95 a tonne. Disposal of organic materials is now at $95 a tonne and a tipping fee of $50 a tonne has been applied to recyclable materials.

The statement also reads that customers are reminded that they can continue to save on tipping fees if material is properly sorted before they arrive. To read the full release and to get more information, click here.