The railway bed is open for snowmobilers.

Cheryl Reid, Governor and President of District 6 Snow Country and Snowmobile Region says that the group has worked very hard in the last two weeks to clear the trails from the mess that was left by the ice storm 3 weeks ago. She says many volunteers have showed up to help them clear the trails. They even hired a skidder and had workers with chainsaws cut down the trees that were in the way. All of the trails were cleared except one (trail 153).

She says that they’ve been out packing but that there’s not quite enough snow yet. Nevertheless, the railway bed (B102) from Wilno to Whitney is open. She says that a lot is riding on tomorrow night’s freezing rain warning that is in effect. Reid adds that if rain falls and it snows right after, they won’t be in bad shape. Her Christmas wish is to get 5-10 centimeters of snow so they can groom the trails and have snowmobilers enjoy a ride or two during the holiday season.

She also encourages riders to download the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club (OFSC) application in order to get up to date information on trail conditions. For more information on the OFSC, click here.