Don’t forget to lock your vehicle while you’re out shopping.

That’s the message the OPP wants you hear during their Lock it or Lose it campaign. Constable Shawn Peever of the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP says that even if you don’t have any valuable property in view, thieves might also look for insurance papers, credit card receipts and other things that could help them steal your identity. He reminds people to keep personal documents on you.

On Sunday December 16, auxiliary OPP officers conducted checks to see if vehicles parked in the Pembroke Mall, the West End Mall and other areas in downtown Pembroke were locked. Out of 335 vehicles, 14 were found unlocked and insecure.

He says that they don’t give people tickets because they don’t want to charge them but instead, raise awareness. Officers will usually put a notice on a car’s windshield congratulating them for locking their vehicle or on the flip side, advise them on where they went wrong.

He says OPP officers will continue to conduct checks in public areas like parking lots during the holiday season.