The Township of Madawaska Valley gets a 5 Blooms rating at the 2018 National/International Symposium and Awards Ceremonies.

The townships Communities In Bloom committee members Debbie Marshall and Elser Lee Faith Archer told us the township was judged on 6 main aspects: Tidiness, Environmental Action, Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscape and Floral Displays. The township was categorized with other municipalities who had a population between 1501 and 5000.

The duo said the township and community played a major role in making sure the judges were wowed when they visited from July 19th to the 21st. They said they had to a lot of grounds to cover (Wilno and Combermere) but happened to pack it in a tight schedule. What also got special recognition was the partnership between the residents and the township during a time of crisis. Archer says they recognized how everyone in the Madawaska Valley comes together, especially during the 2016 floods.

Marshall and Archer say that getting recognized by Communities In Bloom Canada was a major achievement that publicizes the township as a great destination not only in Canada, but internationally. For more information, click here.