“We’re not pressing the panic button anytime soon”, said Jennifer Murphy, Mayor of Bonnechere Valley Township and Warden of the County of Renfrew.

As the legalization of pot isn’t even a week old, Mayor Murphy understands that the time had come. As she embraces the new law, she does mention that the scariest aspect comes with the lack of roadside tests for our Ontario Provincial Police officers.

In terms of benefits, Mayor Murphy is optimistic when stating that there will be less criminal convictions for people carrying small amounts of pot which will, in time, lessen those “silly convictions”.

“It will take time” Murphy adds. Even though the stigma of pot is improving, Murphy thinks that pot smokers will have to be good citizens. She reminds them that it is important that they follow the rules such as staying 60 feet away from playgrounds. If they don’t, she has faith that parents won’t shy away from reminding them.