Dividing land is dividing people.

Tensions respectfully rose at the Combermere Community centre on Monday night during a public meeting revolving around the proposed subdivision and condominium project to be potentially built on the land of the Chippawa Lodge. The lodge, now owned by Combermere Lodge Limited (CLL), caused quite the stir as approximately 120 audience members were in attendance.

According to the Notice of Public Meeting released by the County of Renfrew, CLL proposes to divide the land, which gives view of Kamaniskeg, Green and Labrador lakes, in 54 lots. Each of those lots (over 190 acres) covering between 1.1 and 11.4 acres of land each.

At Monday night’s meeting, homeowners who have been residing in the area for many years, weren’t shy of expressing their thoughts and concerns. One audience member, eloquently brought up important questions surely many other homeowners of the area were wondering. His main 3 points were on the environmental impacts this project could cause, the negative impacts on residents of the joining rivers and impacts of boater safety the project could bring, which got an applause from the audience.

Each audience member who participated in asking questions were very educated and knowledgeable and gave the presenting participants (geologist and water flow experts) a run for their money when it came time to answer some of their questions.

The future of the subdivision and condominium project is still in the air and if one thing’s for sure, residents will not let it happen without voicing their concerns.