Over 27 million trees have already been planted across Ontario thanks to Forests Ontario’s program.

That’s what Tim Gray, a Field Advisor with Forests Ontario, tells My Barry’s Bay Now about the “50 Million Trees Program.” Over 4,000 landowners have already gotten involved with the program.

“It’s a really sweet deal for landowners that want to plant trees and do it in an affordable way,” Gray says. The program will cover 90-percent of the total costs through subsidies. Gray explains that when landowners sign up for the program they have to commit to keeping the trees around for at least 15 years. “We don’t want to plant trees and you dig them up and sell them at the end of the lane for nursery stock or cut them down for Christmas trees,” he says.

You’re eligible for the program if you have land that’s at least one hectare of clear and open land. An assessment on your land will be done by an agency rep once you sign up and that rep will also help you with any other logistical problems that may come up.

For more information on the program, go to Forests Ontario’s website.

Written by: Mathew Reisler