For the first time in a few years, St. John Bosco will be able to proudly display the Partridge Run winner’s plaque in their hallway.

The Partridge Run brings together schools throughout the Madawaska Valley to compete in individual events with students looking to win to get points for their schools.

Ronda Lundy, a grade 5 and 6 teacher at St. John Bosco and organizer of the event, says that they finished with a total of 82 points during the event on Thursday last week. They won the event by a margin of two points.

“It turned out to be a beautiful day after some precarious weather to start off,” she says. She added that she was happy to see that the runners were respectful and were encouraging each other on throughout the day.

“The students work hard here. Teachers bring their classes out to practice. We encourage students and parents to practice at home,” Lundy said. She added that some parents practised with their kids from the past couple of months to prepare for the event.

The trophy and plaque will be displayed at St. John Bosco until next year’s Partridge Run.