Fire prevention week is designed to teach people fire safety tips they need to know or might have forgotten.

That’s what the theme for this year’s fire prevention week is “Look. Listen. Learn.” The campaign highlights the three steps people need to take when there’s a fire: look where a fire could start, listen for the fire alarm and learn two ways out of every room.

“There’s so much work to do in terms of educating the public about how to protect themselves in the event of one (a fire),” says Matt Musclow, the Fire Prevention Officer with the Bancroft Fire Department. He added that this week will be about making sure kids know how to get out and what to do when they do get out of their homes during a fire. “A home escape plan is so important,” Musclow adds.

Musclow says the importance of fire and carbon monoxide alarms will be a hot topic next week as well. There should be a fire alarm on every floor and outside any room where you sleep, he says. It’s the law, Musclow adds. A carbon monoxide detector is required if you  have fuel burning appliances, he says.

Fire prevention week runs from Sunday the 7th to the following Saturday. For more information of fire prevention week, visit their website.