Your seat-belt is the first line of defence if you get into a crash.

That’s the message OPP Constable Philippe Regamey wants to get across as the OPP’s fall seat-belt campaign gets underway.

The OPP report that while 93 percent of Canadians do buckle up, the seven percent that don’t account for around 40 percent of the deaths that come from crashes.

“It’s the first defence when you are in a crash,” Regamey says. He goes on to say, “before you put your vehicle in motion, put your seat-belt on”

Regamey notes the importance of both the airbag and the seat-belt. He says that the two work together to keep your safe when you’re driving. Regamey says that by not having your seat-belt on, a crash would cause you to trash around and getting hit with the airbag could seriously hurt you.

The fines for not wearing a seat-belt are harsh. If you’re driving a car and don’t have your seat-belt on, it’s a $240 fine. It’s the same if you’re a passenger. However, if the passenger is under 16, the fine applies to the driver, while if the passenger is over 16, they are charged. Two demerit points are added to the driver’s license if he or she isn’t wearing a seat-belt.