The Terry Fox Run in Barry’s Bay is this Sunday.

Colette Mantifel, Organizer for Barry Bay’s Terry Fox Run, says she hopes to continue their run of support for cancer research.

Mantifel says that not much has changed with the run from last year. It will be held once again at the Lakeshore Tennis Club. The run kicks off at 11 AM and goes until 2 PM. There will be a free BBQ on-site with live music throughout the day.

Mantifel says she expects to see a turnout of around 60 people this year. She mentioned that turnout for the run has gone down in recent years, but she hopes to see it increase starting this weekend. One thing Mantifel hopes to see is more families taking part.

Over $3,000 was raised last year, Mantifel says. She expects to see around the same total raised during this year’s run.