The Walk for Parkinson’s started six years ago and has raised more and more every year.

That’s what Donna McWhirter, the woman behind the event, is saying after raising $24,000 this year for Parkinson’s Canada. McWhirter started the event six years ago after her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She says he came to the walk every year until his passing in 2016.

The $24,000 raised this year is up from the $21,000 raised last year. “We have steadily gone up every year (in donations),” McWhiter says.

She says, unfortunately, she thinks more money is raised every year because more families are affected by Parkinson’s. “Once you have a diagnosis like that you really start to educate yourself on that and once you start doing that you realize how important it is so start raising funds because a cure has got to come,” McWhirter says.

She says she doesn’t have a goal next year, but hopes to continue to see the money raised grow. “It’s such a small community and a small area so to actually keep raising more and more money it’s something else,” she says. She added, “no matter how much money is raised, it’s going to finding a cure.”

The walk next year will be on the first Sunday after Labour Day long weekend.