Hastings Highlands will host an Airbnb workshop in hopes of solving the shortage of places for visitors to North and Central Hastings to stay at.

Russ Grant, the Economic Development Coordinator for Hastings Highlands, says there’s a need for short-term living accommodation in the region. With it being too far away to only come for a day trip, Grant says that encouraging locals to set-up short-term accommodation would help grow Hastings Highlands and the rest of North and Central Hastings.

Grant says that this could end up helping businesses. With more short-term living options available, more tourists will come through the region. He says this could end up being a good way for people to make extra money renting out parts of their house.

The workshops will teach you about different ways to be an Airbnb host, important tips, mistakes to avoid and how to market your rental space.

The initial workshops are September 18th from 1 PM to 5 and the 20th from 5 PM to 9. They’ll be held at Emond Hall, which is at the Hastings Highlands Municipal Offices in Maynooth. It’s 20 people per workship with tickets costings $20 per person. Grant says there is a possibility for more workshops to be added if the demand is there.