After two crashes in the past two weeks in Bancroft, the OPP want to make sure you’re driving safely while you’re on your ATV or UTV.

OPP Constable Philippe Regamey says that it’s important to have whatever safety gear you need on, no matter where you’re going.

Regamey adds that the main problems he sees with ATV/UTV drivers is speeding. In most of those situations, he says, you’re going to be injured. He added that the best ways for ATV/UTV drivers to be safe is to make sure you’re using hand signals – especially when you’re on the road, always be aware of the condition of the trail you’re riding on and what’s around you.

While it’s important for ATV/UTV to drive carefully, drivers in cares share a responsibility to look out for them as well.

Regamey says that it’s important to be checking your blind-spot more often when you know you’re in areas where ATVs or UTVs may be driving. Regamey says that’s because ATVs and UTVs are smaller and harder to notice than a regular car would be.

If you want more about how to safely operate an off-road vehicle go to Ontario’s information site here.

(Written by: Mathew Reisler)