For some food banks, the Summer brings a shortage of food for clients.

That’s not the case in Madawaska Valley.

At least that’s according to Madawaska Valley Food Bank President Terry Newcombe, who says there’s a number of factors that help the food bank do well during the summer months.

Newcombe says that another big reason for less people using the food bank in the Summer is because a lot of local residents work seasonal jobs during higher-tourism months.

He also says that the food bank is always looking for fresh produce as well during the Summer, and that anything that’s in season is accepted.

Newcombe says that between donations of damaged packaged food at local grocery stores and winter fundraisers, the food bank stays strong throughout the summer months. He says the food bank is fortunate for all the support throughout Madawaska Valley during the year.

If you’d like to donate fresh produce, you can do so the second or fourth Monday of each month at the food bank, or to Newcombe directly at 188 Paugh Lake Road in Barry’s Bay.

(Written by: Matt Latour)