If you want to do your part to help save turtles, you’re chance to find out more is coming up this weekend.

The Think Turtle Conservation Initiative has organized the first annual Bancroft Turtle Festival. Founder Kelly Wallace says it will bring together three of the major wildlife conservation organizations; Ontario Nature, the Land Between, and the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre. Wallace says each of them will have informative presentations about the species.

She says the presentations will also outline the right ways to help turtles; who to call if you come across one that is hurt, how to help them cross the road safely, and the risks they face, like poaching and being hit by vehicles. Wallace says it seems as though people want to help the reptiles, but may not know what to do.

Wallace says one of the reasons she is organizing the festival is because most turtle species in Ontario are classified as ‘at-risk.’ But if you are willing to help, she encourages you to do so.

Saturday’s Turtle Festival runs from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the Bancroft Fish and Game Club. The event will feature a raffle as well. Wallace says she hopes everyone enjoys themselves.

Written by: Andreas Pandikiu