If you plan on starting a fire, don’t start it with gasoline.

That’s the message from Madawaska Valley Fire Chief Corwin Quade, who says you should never use gas or diesel to start a fire, as it can be extremely difficult to put out and can get out of hand.

This comes after a fire at a home on Highway 60 Monday around noon. Quade says a man was sent to hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on about half his body. The man was transported to St. Francis Memorial Hospital before being transferred to a trauma unit in Ottawa.

According to the fire chief the man was burning garbage in a wooden barrel, and to speed it up he threw gasoline towards it which caused it to flash and burn him.

While burning garbage on your property is illegal in Madawaska Valley, Quade says it’s better to call the fire department if it gets out of hand than to try and hide it and have it spread.